Hi my name’s Katie, and I’m Melon Health’s newest UI/UX designer. After a varied career working in Silicon Valley and Amsterdam, I discovered that I intrinsically need to work on stuff that matters. That’s why I am thrilled to join Melon Health - I get to use my design skills to create a positive, real world impact.

My background is quite varied. Despite living in New Zealand now, I consider myself a bit of a globetrotter. I’m officially half-Dutch, half-American - and I’ve split my life living between the United States and the Netherlands. I’ve travelled extensively through five continents, and my ambition is to make that seven before long (including Antarctica!). Outside of work my number one passion is vegetarian cooking and baking - sometimes I even bring treats for the office. I also like to stay healthy with a combination of ballet, yoga, and swimming.


Before I was a designer, I actually worked as a developer for a few years. I still enjoy tinkering in my free time. I’ve always been massively interested in technology and enjoy the process of taking things apart and putting them back together again. I like to think that my analytical, technical side helps inform designs to make the best user experience possible.

As technology becomes more pervasive and integrated into every element of our lives, it’s logical that it should also help us improve our health and access to good healthcare. Combining health and technology is important to me because it can have a markedly positive influence on people’s day-to-day life, perhaps even on a sociological level. Technology shapes and changes our society through millions of individuals making small changes. With global data trending towards epidemics in cancer, obesity, and diabetes, it is now more important than ever to empower people to make positive life choices that help prevent and manage these diseases. Health effects all people, and I’m proud to be contributing to products that help people lead a happy, healthy life.