Hello, I’m Gabrielle, a full stack web developer. I was surprisingly technophobic growing up. But I also believe in having a curious outlook on life, so I took a computer science paper as an elective at uni, just because I knew it was something I knew nothing about. It was a shock to everyone that I ended up loving it!

It didn’t matter that I wasn’t a mathematical genius that had grown up building computers in my bedroom. It turned out that my natural strengths of communication, problem solving and creativity lent themselves well to coding.

I immersed myself in Wellington’s tech sector, exploring the friendly tech meetups. This eventually led to me being awarded a scholarship to attend an early cohort of Enspiral Dev Academy in 2014. I’ve been working in the industry ever since.

I love how the ability to code opens doors in any field. I’ve worked for electricity companies, startups, charities, the government - I always choose work that aligns with my values. I’m so excited to join Melon Health and be part of building a platform that helps so many people.

I love the outdoors, in any weather. At any chance I get, I’ll be swimming in the sea, or wandering barefoot around the bush. I’m also passionate about singing, dancing, circus - luckily I’m part of running a community space with a gymnastics room!