We are delighted to announce the appointment of Doug Olsen as VP Business Development, North America. Doug is responsible for developing the North American sector of Melon Health’s business growth, with primary focus on the U.S. market. Doug will direct Melon’s sales efforts from the initial client identification, needs assessment, integration through to client partnership solutions.

We asked Doug to share a little about his background and ‘why’ and ‘how’ he got into healthcare.


Tell us a little about your background and when/why/how you got into healthcare.

My early college aspirations were to play golf competitively and later become a country club golf professional. In my last year of college I met a friend who introduced me to the Marine Corps Officer program, which gave me an opportunity to serve my country and learn valuable leadership skills, plus I made an early commitment to personal fitness for life. I thoroughly enjoyed my nine years of active Marine Corps service with assignments in the U.S., Norway and Asia as a logistics and then recruitment advertising officer. During my last active assignment in Atlanta, Georgia, I met and married my beautiful wife Jeanne of 27 years and we began a family, which now includes three college-aged young men, and our pet dog and cat.

In my first business development role post-military in the early 90’s, I worked with a gentleman who later started a travel nurse firm with his wife. They asked me to join their firm as General Manager in 2002 and grow the business whereby I fell in love with the healthcare arena working with caregivers and influencers making a great impact on the lives of others. Since then, I have chosen to pursue challenging healthcare sales opportunities that ultimately benefit others, with a focus on chronic conditions, disease management and quality of life that can be improved through patient education, resources and support. During this time, I began supporting large health insurance clients with clinical recruitment and staffing of disease management nurses and health coaching roles. On the side in my early sales career, I also served on weekends for another 12 years in the Marine Corps Reserve and then retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2005. My most recent healthcare business development roles have given me significant clinical knowledge surrounding pre-diabetes and metabolic dysfunction with solutions aimed at testing, educating, and treating the 80 million Americans who can be classified as pre-diabetic.

What interested you about melon’s work and what excites you most about your new role?

I was very intrigued when Siobhan and I first talked about Melon Health due to the customized approach Melon utilizes by connecting clinical health coach support to patients coupled with peer support and sound education, all available easily through a strength in mobile apps along with tablet and non-mobile device access tailored to each client’s needs and branding. I particularly like the small organization atmosphere that Siobhan has created and the ability to make a significant impact to Melon’s awareness, growth and contributions to our clientele and ultimately those in need of accurate, affordable and timely support.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I enjoy running, golf, reading, maintaining cars and walks with my wife as each provides me with relaxation, and a chance to unwind.

What’s your favourite quote?

Count your blessings;
Proclaim your rarity;
Go another mile;
Use wisely your power of choice;
Do all things with love.

Og Mandino