Hi my name is Iury, I’m a mobile application developer. After studying as an exchange student in New Zealand for one year, I decided to move back and be part of Wellington’s community. I always wanted to be a developer because I can build new experiences to improve people’s lives, that’s why I’m happy to join melon health’s team!


I was born and raised in Brazil, where I graduated as a Software Developer. After my graduation, I lived in São Paulo for one year, where I discovered that big cities are not my thing. Before starting at melon health, I worked on a wide range of mobile projects. Outside my work, I’m always trying to experience the most of different cultures. I love talking to people from another countries, to stand in someone’s else shoes, seeing how life is around the world. My other interests include movies, games, cooking, running, and coffee.

I’m excited to work at melon health, a company that gives people access to a better health care through technology. It’s awesome to help people to have a more positive life.

Living in a such beautiful country makes me eager to go for a walk in the bush and explore New Zealand. While indoors, I love to watch movies, meet friends for a coffee and play with technology.