Prazer, meu nome é Fabio
Kia ora ko Fabio tōku ingoa
Hi, my name is Fabio

I am a software tester and am really happy to have joined Melon Health team as the Test Lead.

I was born in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, with 12 million people. When I was 15, I began my journey towards IT, moving to a really small city called Inconfidentes to study. It was a big change of scenery, especially since I was living away from my parents and in one of the smallest cities in Brazil. This experience meant that I grew a lot as a person, learning to take care of myself and becoming independent.

Following this, I moved straight to one of the best universities in Latin America: State University of Campinas. This was a key turning point in my life, being surrounded by good educators that would constantly push and encourage me to strive for success meant that I was able to become a focused and driven student. This work ethic would later set me up to become a better professional.


After 8 years away from home, I went back to São Paulo and started working at Diebold Nixdorf, a financial self-service, security and services corporation which currently controls roughly 35% of the global ATM market. My work there was based around the quality assurance of those ATMs.

During my time at university, I had always felt the need to experience a different culture than my own, and that’s when I had the idea to come here and experience the Kiwi way of life. So I left my former job and life in São Paulo behind to become part of the community here in Wellington.

Now that I’ve written you an essay, here’s a few facts that every friend of mine knows about me. I have a younger sister, but in a fight, she would be the one sticking up for me. I love coke, the drink. I also love sports, especially football and handball, but I also enjoy watching basketball, tennis and volleyball. Even though I’m not a pro, I love taking pictures and capturing life’s moments whenever I can. When relaxing at home, if I’m not on Netflix, I’m probably playing FIFA. I don’t really like to sleep, so if I wake up earlier than planned, I’ll probably just stay awake.

It’s an honor for me to become a part of Melon Health and help people to have a better life.