In it’s 9th year, this year’s Health 2.0 Conference was a hotbed of consumer-facing digital health products and services. With Health Care Reform, the patient’s role in their care is becoming a central focus and collaborative healthcare tools such as Melon Health’s chronic disease prevention and management solution stand out as an important access point in their journey.

Health 2.0

In my three days at the event, I had many conversations and heard many of the presenters discussing the importance of investing in health rather than spending on sick care. This was a theme I found refreshing and one that could very well change the outlook of the growing chronic disease epidemic we are facing. Studies show that reduction in sleep, stress - both physical and mental, and unhealthy habits are conduits for disease. Better understanding of healthcare and its systems also contribute, with only 12% of adults having a current proficient level of literacy. Many of the 130+ demos addressed these concerns with apps like Sleepio, LearnVest, and Quizzify.

Health 2.0 “The best way for healthcare to cost less is to need less” Michael Roizen MD

Big players like Google and AOL have reported that mobile has overtaken desktop in searches. There are also reports that more people in the world have access to mobile smart phones than clean water. With this ability to connect, the change in acceptance of, and importance placed on mobile healthcare was made evident in an audience survey indicating that digital health will not only be widely adopted, but become it’s own industry. The transition to value-based care is a reality and mobile health is becoming a necessary factor.