Melon recently had the privilege of being part of the fantastic Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Program Flip the Clinic in Denver, Colorado on November 9-11. Flip The Clinic is an open experiment to transform the patient-clinician experience, where patients, clinicians and health IT companies like Melon improve medical care, together.

“Flip the Clinic is creating the possibility of a new system. It’s creating a critical moment next to the 20 minute office visit that can be incredibly powerful for the delivery of health care and health.” Atul Gawande

The Melon team comprised of Patient Advocate and brain cancer survivor Iram Leon; Facilitator, Darcy Moody; Team leader, Siobhan Bulfin and two Stanford medical students: Justin Norden and Mariposa Garth.

Siobhan at Flip the Clinic

In line with Flip The Clinic’s goal of creating a specific set of practices that can improve the medical encounter and to inspire others to invent new ways to get more out of the doctor’s visit, we came up with a very simple concept to help empower patients to be joint decision makers in their care.

We followed the process of design thinking which Flip The Clinic is based on, and despite some early moments of despondency and thinking we’d never be able to reduce our grand vision down to something simple, impactful and measurable, we did, and were delighted with the result.

The concept is a simple application on mobile or web that nudges the patient 3 days out from their appointment to think about how their health impacts them now, and what their health goals are for the future. After engaging with the patient around what is most important to them, it then prompts the patient to record any changes in medication and any side effects.

The feedback from clinicians was positive. They viewed the tool as an ‘agenda setting’ tool to make the visit more efficient and productive. Their initial concerns that discussing patient’s goals would result in longer visits were allayed with the trade-off in reduction in time from better preparedness.

Our team is regrouping after Thanksgiving and will be mapping out a road to implementation with a pilot partner.

Flip The Clinic was an amazing experience and showed that design thinking really does work!

Melon wishes to thank CTIA our wonderful sponsor without whom it wouldn’t have been possible for us all to attend. Thank you CTIA!

We’ll be posting updates to our Flip right here.