Clinical outcomes you can trust

Melon inspires transformation with real results

Average change in Metabolic and Emotional Wellness Programs

18.6 %

Weight loss

3.4 mmol/mol

Reduction in HbA1c


Reduction in GAD 7


Reduction in Kessler 10


Reduction in PHQ9

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Melon is a clinically validated and trusted digital health provider as independently reviewed by Health Navigator in New Zealand and Orcha (NHS digital UK)

Home is the fastest growing health care setting

Devices and data treat symptoms not people. Melon augments usual care by enabling self-reflection and self-management by empowering people with the tools, skills and support for lasting behavior change.

"This system gave independence to our patients and they enjoyed coming and sharing their progress with us, and ‘surprising’ the doctor and nurse with things like their weight loss etc. Hearing the same advice from a different source reinforced and challenged some people so built up the trust relationship with our providers."

- Midlands Pinnacle Primary Healthcare Organisation

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