Rin Gomura’s here answering some questions this week. Rin is our Head of Strategic Partnerships based in our San Francisco office.

Outline your journey to Melon Health.

It’s been quite an international journey for me! I was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mum and an Indonesian dad. I moved to Singapore as a toddler for a year. And then I moved to Australia, to study, work and eventually get married to a lovely Aussie bloke. My husband and I now live in San Francisco, California. When I tell people I’m an Aussie from Japan working in San Francisco for a Kiwi company, they get really confused!

I’m passionate about good health because…

It’s one of the very few things in this world we can control which directly impacts our quality of life. You can’t choose to have an IQ of 200 or to win the lottery, but you can choose to look after yourself and live a healthy, happy life.

Please, ask me about…

  • My Hobby - I like to make things. I have a sewing blog, e-book and YouTube channel.
  • Minimalism - We live in a studio apartment and cut down a lot on “stuff” for the move from Australia to the us.
  • Japan - I love Japanese culture and food!

What’s the wallpaper on your cellphone?

Photo of a blue floral fabric. Pretty sure it’s linen. I’m such a sewing nerd it scares me.

What’s your favourite place you have traveled to?

I love rainforests, especially if it involves swimming, freshwater and waterfalls. Arenal in Costa Rica, Daintree in Australia, and the Cloud Forest on the Inca Trail, Peru are probably some of my all time favourite places.