Digital self-management program for people with pre-diabetes.

Partner: Pinnacle Midlands Health Network


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App built to control alcohol binge drinking.


Diabetes is pandemic. It is estimated that 415 million people globally are living with diabetes, yet for the most part, it is preventable. Our goal is to equip people with the tools, support, education and confidence to take control of their own health and prevent diabetes.


The opportunity exists for primary care to prescribe self-management programs combining peer support, clinical support, behavior change tools and education to help prevent the onset of type-2 diabetes.


BetaMe is a 16-week digital health program providing peer support, health coaching, engaging resources and tracking tools to help people make positive lifestyle changes.

The BetaMe program was initially delivered as a pilot in partnership with Pinnacle Midlands Health Network. The results of the pilot shows that BetaMe is a cost-effective intervention that increases self-efficacy and health literacy with 78% or participants no longer with pre-diabetes at the end of the 16-week program.

Online Peer Community

Peer support provides encouragement and motivation as participants share experiences with each other.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the BetaMe family… I have had many laughs and been so inspired by these wonderful generous people.”

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Health Tracking

Incremental steps provide an early sense of achievement as participants track their exercise, happiness and energy. Summary reports can be shared with clinicians.

“I am over the moon… i’ve lost 10.9kg and my BMI is down to 38!”

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Professional Support

Participants have access to their own personal health coach through live chat, audio or video meetings.

“I probably would have given up but for the fact the my coach was so lovely, caring, knowledgeable and patient.”

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Fortnightly modules supported by engaging resources and mini-interventions.

“The BetaMe programme rocks… it has given me some good ideas about how to manage and be responsible for my own health.”



BetaMe hba1c graph image


reduced HbA1C


BetaMe weight graph image


lost weight


BetaMe BMI graph image


reduced BMI


BetaMe waist graph image


reduced waist measurement


BetaMe Pre-diabetes graph image


no longer have pre-diabetes*

Blood Pressure

BetaMe Blood Pressure graph image


of patients now have normal blood pressure

Results are based on the results of 78 of the 109 participants (117 people started the programme and 8 dropped out) at the completion of the 16 week core programme.

*In the offical HbA1C prediabetic range

Patient Feedback

“I have really appreciated the time as it’s helped immensely with my health and realisation that it’s up to me.”

“This programme has been very enlightening and motivating. Weight down in the green. Now I’ve started, there’s no going back.”

“A big thankyou for the support and help. I know I can continue to stay healthy.”

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