Online community for New Zealanders affected by breast cancer.

Partner:The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation


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Around 3000 women and 20 men in New Zealand are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. It is the most common cancer in women in the world. was developed in partnership with the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, to ensure that no one suffers alone by providing a private and secure online community where people can share experiences, support one another and have access to breast care nurses.


It is widely accepted that true ‘experts’ are those that have been on the journey, walked in the shoes, and lived through a condition, treatment and crisis. The NZBCF identified an opportunity to provide an online peer-support network for people with breast cancer.

Our Solution is an evidence-based digital health solution, centered around a private, secure patient community. It is a place where people can connect, ask questions and access clinical support from qualified breast nurses and evidence-based information and tools.

Online Peer Community

Members can interact with each other and share experiences so that everyone involved can seek support and information from people who have ‘been there before’.

“We all handle things in our own way but hearing how others have experienced breast cancer means we can all learn from each other.”

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Clinical Support

Patients and their supporters have access to breast care nurses via direct messaging or audio/video calling, extending the reach and support of NZ Breast Cancer Foundation’s in-house breast care nurse team.

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Organisation Tools

Members can keep a daily record of how they’re feeling and can upload medical documents to a secure repository, keep medical teams contact details, and set reminders about medication and upcoming appointments.

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Resources & Information

An optional Living Well programme provides access to a range of curated resources including personal stories, health care specialist videos, medical information, tips and FAQ’s.

Outcomes to date

In it's first 4 weeks since launch in October 2016, over 300 women have joined mybc sharing their experiences and supporting each other.

“I see every day as a gift, and knowing there is help out there at anytime makes me very grateful. My best wishes go to all you ladies, we all have different stories, but we are all on the same journey”

“I just saw this app on the news and I think it’s great to be able to talk to women going through the same thing.”

“I have been reading some of the posts and am very impressed by the positivity of everyone. It makes me proud to see that we are a strong bunch of women and I think this is a great forum.”

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