Screening, brief intervention and treatment
for binge drinking.

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App built to control alcohol binge drinking.
App built to control alcohol binge drinking.


Many people with at-risk behaviours, that are not established addictions, never access any type of health care services. Binge drinkers are often in denial or cite concerns about stigma, as well as a desire to deal with their problems on their own as barriers to seeking treatment.


Alcohol treatment options favour intensive treatment related to severe issues, such as addiction. We needed to overcome one of the biggest challenges in health behaviour change: to promote accessibility of efficacious tools and services that promote reductions in risk behaviours, not established addictions.


DrinkSmart is a web and mobile application to help people track their drinking and change their risky drinking behaviour. It is not just a screening and intervention tool, it’s a treatment tool.

DrinkSmart Tracking Drinking

Track your drinking,
calories and money spent

DrinkSmart calculates money spent and calories consumed while providing the person with a clear outline of their alcohol intake and the trends around it.

DrinkSmart image

Create personal challenges

As orientation, people are required to track their alcohol intake in a DrinkSmart challenge for their first week. After this they are encouraged to set up a personal challenge, setting themselves a daily limit or a goal for the next week.

DrinkSmart Challenges

Community Newsfeed

The community provides feedback and support to one another as they share their troubles and successes.


DrinkBuddy acts as a personal mentor, sending people reminders and tips on how to stay on track with their challenges and facilitating discussions in the public newsfeed.

Tips & Advice

The community features a tips section that provides people with practical tips to help them manage their alcohol intake in various situations.

“Happy to have found this app. It’s been helpful to track my drinks so I see how much I consume...”

DrinkSmart user


DrinkSmart increased drinking awareness by 32%¹. In it’s first six months, 1,377 users have joined DrinkSmart. 1,094 of the current users started a challenge with a total success rate of 88%. (as at 20 August 2014)

Reviewed by Australia's leading Alcohol and Drug Information Network

1. Drinksmart evaluation report 2014 ACC

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