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App built to support smoking cessation.
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Tobacco addiction is as much a sociological problem as it is clinical. There are three elements to smoking addiction: the addiction to the chemical nicotine, force of habit and the emotional connection with smoking. It takes on average 12 weeks of abstinence before the nicotine receptors in a smokers brain switch off.


We identified that a successful tool to help people to quit smoking needed to address all three parts of the addiction as well as keeping people motivated throughout the 12-week timeframe.


Goalpost uses the power of peer support, game mechanics and cognitive behavioral therapy to help people become smoke-free. Designed as a 12-week ‘game’ , the program includes challenges and rewards with support along the way, helping the person stay motivated throughout the quit process.

12 week program to being smokefree

The person is kept on track throughout the program with tips, tasks, challenges and rewards, encouraging self-efficacy and breaking old habits and emotional dependencies.

GoalPost Challenges
GoalPost Mobile Design

Community Support

The Goalpost community includes others in the process of quitting, people who have successfully finished the programme, family and friends who are supporting them, and experts providing ongoing advice and motivation.

Panic Button

Those who are struggling with a strong craving can press the ‘panic button’. An alert will go out to the Goalpost community prompting immediate support, suggestions for sitting out the craving & positive peer pressure to resist it.


People who slip-up have the support of the 3-day ‘rehab’ feature where they get extra support and coping strategies before re-entering the game.

Helping people become smokefree

Once you’ve made it through the 12-week programme you are encouraged to share your success with your wider community & become a supporter for those who are still on their smoke-free journey.

GoalPost Smokefree
GoalPost Smokefree


Since its beta launch in July 2012, 7000 users have utilized Goalpost and achieved a quit rate of 23%² (as at 28 February 2015).

The current average quit rates for smoking cessation programs in the US.

2. Majority of users have combined offline treatment (NRT, Chantix, etc) with Goalpost.

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