What is Melon

Melon is an online program to help people improve
their health and become their strongest self

Our personalized programs support people
living with one or more chronic conditions

Metabolic syndrome

Early to moderate mental illness

Type 2 Diabetes

Musculoskeletal disorders

Pain Management

Cancer Survivorship

Melon empowers people to take control of their health

Self-awareness and behaviour change

Melon helps members understand their habits and triggers and how to replace old ones with new.

Peer support

Online community where members can share learn and get tips from others on a similar journey.

Helpful resources and learning modules

Curated content from healthy eating and exercise, to managing stress and specific health conditions.

Health coaching

One-on-one support from experts to encourage and guide members to be their best selves.

Health tracking

Members can record and gather personal insights about their mood, diet, exercise, sleep and more.

Melon inspires transformation with real results

Average change in Metabolic and Emotional Wellness Programs


Weight loss


Reduction in HbA1c


Reduction in GAD 7


Reduction in Kessler 10


Reduction in PHQ9

Melon Testimonials

I’m finding the programme really useful, the diary tracking is great especially for moods and getting a good measure of how I’m feeling and if I’m ok. The tips and videos are good - especially having them broken down to do week by week so you’re not overwhelmed by all of them at once. And it’s reassuring to have support in the background.

- Melon participant

I got some results back today. My blood pressure has gone from 132/80 to 114/70; my weight from 94.2 kg to 88 kg; waist from 107 to 101.3 and most improved of all my HbA1c from 50 to 41, which is almost normal! The best in years! This programme is working for me!

- Melon participant

...people are autonomously using theprogramme effectively, as it’s self explanatory and not complicated in its delivery

- George - Clinical Psychologist, Wellsouth

…Each day she records her mood / sleep etc. and uses the app like a diary to record thoughts etc. Through this, she has been able to look back on times when she has struggled and see that, if she just hangs on a bit she will feel better soon. This has helped with her impulse control as well as re-framing her negative thoughts. She is also finding reading through the material very helpful. Thanks for all the great work!

- Lexi - Cognitive Therapist, Comprehensive Care

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