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Prepare + Promote + Engage + Empower + Sustain

Identify patient needs and enroll them into your digital health community.

Engage patients with proven behavior change techniques and human connection.

Empower patients to manage their own health and help others.

Using intrinsic rewards drive retention and referrals.

Struggling to engage patients?

  • No way to influence patients outside the clinical setting?
  • Trouble managing patients with co-morbidities?
  • Need to improve patient access and outcomes?
  • Trying to balance keeping patients healthy and revenue steady?

Maybe there's another way. Technology is the enabler.

Melon’s patient engagement platform works for organizations who:

Prioritize population health and primary care

Want their brand to be the go-to health and wellness system in their community

Need to reduce total cost of care and diversify revenue streams

Have value-based contracts in place with incentives

Buyer Testimonials

This system gave independence to our patients and they enjoyed coming and sharing their progress with us, and ‘surprising’ the doctor and nurse with things like their weight loss etc. Hearing the same advice from a different source reinforced and challenged some people so built up the trust relationship with our providers.

- Midlands Pinnacle Primary Healthcare Organisation

Each day she records her mood and sleep and uses the app like a diary to record her thoughts. Through this she has been able to look back on times she has struggled and know that if she just hangs on - she'll feel better soon. This has helped with her impulse control and reframing of negative thoughts.

- Psychologist at Comprehensive Care Primary Healthcare Organisation

What I'll remember most is the kindness of strangers on Melon who've helped me through some difficult times. I've also picked up useful tips about healthier living and it's given me motivation to watch what I eat and to exercise more and have a better attitude to keeping healthy.

- Melon participant

Engage patients with peer support

Deliver scalable healthcare

Drive better outcomes with whole-person care

Deliver Consumer Experiences that Lower Costs and Improve Outcomes

How turning your consumers into brand champions can transform your healthcare organization

  • Discover the secret to real patient engagement (hint: it's all about self engagement).
  • Uncover new ways to drive revenue.
  • Learn how tech can help you navigate shifting consumer expectations.
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What makes Melon different?

Everything we do, we do to help people lead healthier, happier lives. We exist to deliver consumer experiences that support people to engage in their own health, and in turn, help others. Our digital platform gives you the tools you need to support patients on their health journey with augmented human connection, scaleable healthcare, and a whole-person approach to wellness.

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Our Partners

  • Comprehensive Care
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  • West Coast PHO
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Pinnacle Midlands Health Network
  • OpenMedicine Institute
  • Pacific Edge
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  • Breast Cancer Foundation NZ